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Top 100 Php Interview Questions And Answers 2022 Update

You can use JavaScript submit() function to submit the form without explicitly clicking any submit button. The header() function is used to send a raw HTTP header to a client. It must be called before sending the actual output. For example, you can’t print any HTML element before using this function. The PHP count() function is used to count total elements in the array, or something an object. $message stores fixed data whereas the data stored in $$message may be changed dynamically.

In this blog for PHP interview Questions, we have compiled a list of top 50 questions that are frequently asked by the Company recruiters. The list of questions had been prepared by the industry experts after deep research and careful observation only. Before we list the questions, here are the five categories we have used to make the learning easier for you. Most PHP systems which require a database rely on MySQL. These questions are focused on MySQL and databases. A cookie is a little record that the server installs on the client’s Computer.

php developer interview questions

To be able to verify whether a PHP variable is an instantiated object of a certain class we use instanceof. Sessions automatically end when the PHP script finishes executing but can be manually ended using the session_write_close(). The use of the function session_start() lets us activating a session. The addslashes function enables us to escape data before storage into the database. If we want to check whether a variable has a value or not, it is possible to use the empty() function. Mysqli_affected_rows() return the number of entries affected by an SQL query.

How To Crack Webkul Php Interview

Many systems use a form of Ajax to make them work right and JavaScript is essential to any Ajax. These questions will test the JavaScript knowledge of your candidate. Though your candidate may only do PHP development, he/she still needs to understand HTML and CSS well enough to produce a good looking product. We’ve organized the questions into several categories to help you prepare for the interview. The readfile() function is used to download the file in PHP. The move_uploaded_file() function is used to upload file in PHP.

Name a few that you have faced during programming. We are going to share PHP interview Questions and Answers video for all developers such as Fresher, Middle Level, Experienced PHP Developer. Do the code means REAL CODE – don’t copy-paste from stack overflow or any forum. You should do small projects based on the above topics. We are quite sure that every time you will get the new pattern so build the logic and not to mug-up the patterns.

  • You can pass any number of parameters inside a function.
  • PHP and Javascript cannot directly interact since PHP is a server side language and Javascript is a client-side language.
  • For the most part, all PHP variables only have a single scope.
  • To do this, you need to use 3 ellipses before the argument name.

There is given PHP interview questions and answers that have been asked in many companies. Let’s see the list of top PHP interview questions. $_ENV is an associative array of variables sent to the current PHP script via the environment method. The function mysqli_num_rows() returns the number of rows in a result set. The result set can be handled using mysqli_fetch_array, mysqli_fetch_assoc, mysqli_fetch_object or mysqli_fetch_row.

What Is The Difference Between Session And Cookie?

The unlink() function is used to delete a file in PHP. You can manually set an expiry for a cookie, while session only remains active as long as browser is open. The strlen() function is used to get the length of the string. The scripting engine that powers PHP is called Zend Engine 2. Yes, it’s possible to integrate Component Object Model components (COM) in PHP scripts which is provided as a framework.

php developer interview questions

Here is the quick list of frequently asked PHP interview questions for your reference. PHP and Javascript cannot directly interact since PHP is a server side language and Javascript is a client-side language. The Include() function is used to put data of one PHP file into another PHP file. If errors occur, then the include() function produces a warning but does not stop the execution of the script, and it will continue to execute. Yes, it is possible to share a single instance of Memcache between multiple projects. Memcache is a memory store space, and you can run memcache on one or more servers.

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It is possible to use the dedicated function, is_numeric() to check whether it is a number or not. The functions are getimagesize() for size, imagesx() for width and imagesy() for height.

Hiring the right PHP web developer is an important task for a company looking to grow their web presence. A PHP developer typically works on the front end or back end processes of a web system. Our sample PHP developer interview questions are focused on finding a talented PHP developer. You can change the script run time by changing the max_execution_time directive in the php.ini file.

The most common and used way is to get data into a format supported by Excel. For example, it is possible to write a .csv file, to choose for example comma as a separator between fields and then to open the file with Excel. If we would like to pass values through a form or an URL, then we need to encode and to decode them using htmlspecialchars() and urlencode(). PHP developers are highly demanded by the software industries especially when they are skilled and experienced.

PHP Engine creates a logical object to preserve data across subsequent HTTP requests, which is known as session. PHP setcookie() function is used to set cookie with HTTP response. Once the cookie is set, you can access it by $_COOKIE superglobal variable. PHP magic constants are predefined constants, which change based on their use. They start with a double underscore and end with a double underscore .

Explain Php Variable Length Argument Function

Sessions generally store temporary data to allow multiple PHP pages to offer a complete functional transaction for the same user. Require and include both are used to include a file, but if data is not found include sends warning whereas require sends Fatal error. The isset() function checks if the variable is defined and not null. The use of the set_time_limit enables us to extend the execution time of a PHP script.

php developer interview questions

It contains all types of PHP code snippets and libraries. However, foreach provides an easy way to iterate over arrays, and it is only used with arrays and objects. The first expression is executed once at the beginning. If it is TRUE, the loop continues, and the statements inside for are executed.

The .htaccess is a configuration file on Apache server. You can change configuration settings using directives in Apache configuration files like .htaccess and httpd.conf. An array is used to store multiple values in a single value. In PHP, it orders maps of pairs of keys and values. It means you can pass 0, 1 or n number of arguments. It means you can pass 0, 1 or n number of arguments in function.

What Is The Use Of The Function ‘imagetypes’?

Each time a similar PC asks for a page with a program, it will send the cookie as well. With PHP, you can both make and recover cookie value. The mysqli_connect() function is used to create a connection in PHP. There are two methods to connect MySQL database with PHP. You should just run the PHP command line interface and specify the file name of the script to be executed as follows.

In dynamic websites, content of script can be changed at the run time. Its content is regenerated every time a user visit or reload. Google, yahoo and every search engine is the example of dynamic website.

Imagetypes() gives the image format and types supported by the current version of GD-PHP. It is possible to generate HTML through PHP scripts, and it is possible to pass pieces of information from HTML to PHP. PHP supports only single inheritance; it means that a class can be extended from only one single class using the keyword ‘extended’. PEAR means “PHP Extension and Application Repository”. It extends PHP and provides a higher level of programming for web developers. You will understand the nature of Javascript especially sync and async calls.

A function returns a value using the instruction ‘return $value;’. The strip_tags() function enables us to clean a string from the HTML tags. The function get_magic_quotes_gpc() tells us whether the magic quotes is switched on or no. The unlink() function is dedicated for file system handling. It is possible to use the dedicated function, ctype_alnum to check whether it is an alphanumeric value or not.

List Some Of The Features Of Php7

PHP is a web language based on scripts that allow developers to dynamically create generated web pages. In this way, you will learn the complete concepts of building real-life projects. It will help you a lot to crack any PHP based interviews.

One copy of unique session id automatically sent to the user? S computer for the sake of synchronization in future ahead, and one copy is being maintained at server side till the session is running. The area of the temporary record is controlled by a setting in the php.ini document called session.save_path. PHP allows you to include file so that page content can be reused again.

You can also configure your client to speak to a particular set of instances. So, you can run two different Memcache processes on the same host and yet they are completely independent. Unless, if you have partitioned your data, then it becomes necessary to know from which instance to get the data from or to put into. The scope of a variable is the context within which it is defined. For the most part, all PHP variables only have a single scope. This single scope spans included and required files as well.

If it evaluates to FALSE, the execution of the loop ends. The string function strstr returns part of allString from the first occurrence of occ to the end of allString. Stristr() is identical to strstr() except that it is case insensitive. The boolean function isset determines if a variable is set and is not NULL.

How To Delete File In Php?

$_FILES is an associative array composed of items sent to the current script via the HTTP POST method. $_SERVER is an array including information created by the web server such as paths, headers, and script locations. The session_unregister() function unregister a global variable from the current session and the session_unset() function frees all session variables. The stripslashes function enables us to remove the escape characters before apostrophes in a string.

The first code is faster than the second code especially for large large sets of data. __sleep returns the array of all the variables that need to be saved, while __wakeup retrieves them. Hence, hire php freelancers hashing passwords with these algorithms can create vulnerability. The unset() function is dedicated for variable management. To access the data sent this way, you use the $_POST array.

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